My Teacher

Mr Aman

Mr Aman is my english homeroom teacher.

Mr Aman teach me science,math and moral.



Ms Lan

Ms Lan is my vietnamese homeroom teacher.

Ms Lan teach me vietnamese.


Mr Steve

Mr Steve is my english teacher.

Mr Steve teach me english.


Ms Jonai

Ms Jonai is my ICT teacher.

Ms Jonai teach me about computer.

Mobile devices
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Mr Vu

Mr Vu is my PE teacher.

Ms Vu teach me about sport.


Ms Ana

Ms Ana is my reading,writing teacher.

Ms Ana teach me raz kid.


Mr Cung

Mr Cung is my music teacher.

Mr Cung teach me about music.


Ms Phe

Ms Phe is my drawing teacher.

Ms Phe teach me how to draw.

Mr Ferhat

Mr Ferhat is my cambrige teacher.

Mr Ferhat teach me cambrige.


Ms Yen

Ms Yen is my nature & socity teacher.

Ms Yen teach me nature and socity.



My New Year Holiday

My Tet Holiday

The first night of my holiday is visited my grandma’s house. My grandma was very nice and kind. We played hop and hop!!! The game was fun! At midnight , the scariest thing is a doll is walking in my bed and it’s say Kill of the bed! Kill of the bed! Kill of the bed! And I was suprised and I laughed so noise and my cousins and my family woke up!They saw a doll but there is no doll before in the house.That is Annabelle and it’s a ghost! Ahhhhhh!

Then a sound come and ha ha ha. And it was me.

1 AM we saw fire works.


Wow amazing!

And the next moring we saw bunches of flower!


The amazing day of Lunar New Year!

We make an amazing thing for tet holiday


So beautiful right?

But the tet isn’t end yet